Enhancing Patient Satisfaction: A Qualitative Investigation of Patients' Expectations of Nurses and Nursing Care

Saddeek Salma

Patient satisfaction is a vital indicator of the quality of healthcare services, and understanding patients' expectations is crucial for enhancing their satisfaction. This qualitative investigation aims to explore patients' expectations of nurses and nursing care to identify areas for improvement and optimize patient experiences. Through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, a diverse sample of patients from various healthcare settings shared their perspectives on nurses' roles and the care they provide. The findings revealed key themes, including the importance of compassionate and empathetic care, nurses' competence and expertise, effective communication, respect and dignity, and continuity and coordination of care. These findings highlight the need for healthcare organizations to align nursing practice with patient expectations, enhancing patient satisfaction, and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes. Incorporating these insights into nursing education and practice can promote patient-centered care and contribute to a more positive healthcare environment.