Finding Facility-Based Cost Effective Options for Improving the Survival of Preterm Neonates in Low Income Countries

Sajjad M Rahman

In this retrospective study we did a relative analysis of the outgrowth of 28 1 to 320 weeks gravidity babies between the State of Qatar and some high income countries with an ideal of furnishing an substantiation base for perfecting the survival of preterm babes in low income countries. Data covering a five time period (2002-2006) was caught on on a pre-designed Performa. A relative analysis with the most recent data from VON, NICHD, UK, France and Europe was accepted. Qatar’s 281 to 320 weeks Prematurity Rate (9.23 per 1000 births) was lower than the UK’s( p < 0.0001). Of the 597 babies born at 28 1 to 320 weeks of gravidity didn’t bear any respiratory support, while31.1 needed only CPAP remedy.80.12 of the MV and 96.28 of CPAP remedy was needed.