Irrigation in Endodontic Therapy

Homan Javaheri

Fundamental goal of endodontic treatment is to chemo-mechanically minimizing microorganisms, inactivating their by-products, and sealing the canal space to prevent future recontamination. Irrigation is an integral part of the root canal treatment procedure. Ideally, root canal irrigants should be able to dissolve organic and inorganic tissues, have antimicrobial activity, act as lubricant with low surface tension. Also, it should be non-toxic and biocompatible and facilitate dentin removal but not weaken the tooth structure. It is important to understand that irrigation also plays important role in the areas of the root canal wall not touched by mechanical instrumentation. Different endodontic irrigants with various means of delivery, from traditional syringe-needle delivery to various machine-driven systems, including sonic or ultrasonic energy will be discussed in this webinar.