Vitamin K status and arterial calcification and stiffness in chronic kidney disease: the chronic renal insufficiency cohort

Rojat Javed

To evaluate the relationship between CAC (Coronary Arterial Calcium) and Arterial Stiffness (PWV) in adult patients with mild to moderate CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) using Multivariable-Adjusted Generalized Linear Models (MALMs).To assess the association between CAC prevalence (CAC), CAC incidence, CAC progression (100 Agatston Units/Y increase), and PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) in adult patients (MELD) with mild to moderate Chronic Kidney Disease (KD) (Chronic Renal Disease). A cohort of approximately 2722 participants (MELD cohort) was enrolled and two vitamin K status biomarkers (Plyllquinone and DPP) were measured (baseline and 2–4 year follow-up).