Ultrasound findings in Reactive arthritis after COVID-19: Case Report

Jaime Mendoza Torres*

Reactive arthritis is classified in the group of spondyloarthritis, it has been frequently associated with bacterial infections, however, it has also been linked with viral infections. Recently, different patterns of arthritis have been reported in convalescent COVID-19 patients, with involvement of large and small joints. We report the first case of post-covid 19 arthritis evaluated with ultrasound, highlighting the examination of tendons and entheses. We found an asymmetric polyarticular inflammatory pattern characterized by synovial hypertrophy, effusion, tenosynovitis, and ultrasound signs of enthesitis, based on OMERACT definitions. Ultrasound is a tool that has greater sensitivity than physical examination for the diagnosis as well as for the follow-up of patients with autoimmune diseases.